George Harrison’s final words to Ringo Starr

George Harrison lay dying of cancer and only had the strength to lie on his bed. He was only a couple of weeks from death. Ringo Starr came to visit him, but Ringo had to leave to tend to his daughter in Boston who was dealing with a brain tumor. George Harrison’s last words to Ringo Starr before he left:
“Do you want me to come with you?”
Lord, I ask that you give me the strength to live my life for others. It is not about me, but that I serve as a channel for Your Love and Peace in this world. To You be the Praise and Glory.

Exciting New Podcast Coming Next Week about How to Launch a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

On Feb 7th you’ll be able to hear a segment of my podcast with Dan Franklin (musician/composer/songwriter) who recently raised over $40,000 for his latest music project “The Best Ride of Your Life
Dan reviews the dos and don’ts for a successful campaign. He’s had plenty of practice having also successfully raised over $30,000 for his graphic novel “Mind of Mirrors
This is a great, instructive podcast for musicians/actors/directors/writers/artists who have been thinking about diving into the waters of crowdfunding.
Better yet, the full podcast will be available for FREE to subscribers of my website. Details to come on Feb 7th. Can’t wait to share this incredible interview with you.