“Someday” Never Happens: Taking The Scary Step NOW

What I learned from my trip to Ireland and Scotland

I told my wife, Kate, “Someday, it will happen. Someday…”

For 20 years.

It had been a dream to travel as a family to Ireland.

Understandably, we had many challenges along the way. Medical and financial challenges, family obligations. We couldn’t seem to get a break to make it happen. But my answer would always be the same…”Someday.”

Then last year I traveled to Slovenia to help a church organization with a performance arts camp for young people. It really effected me, and I wanted to share this experience with Kate.

But I didn’t want to hijack this dream we’d had for over 20 years.

So when I returned from Slovenia, we sat down, pulled the trigger, and purchased the tickets to go to Ireland and Scotland.

With my sons Matty and Duncan at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

With my sons Matty and Duncan at the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

It was scary. It was a leap of faith financially and I wasn’t sure how things would work out with all of our other obligations.

I am so grateful that we did it.

I got to reunite with family that I had not seen in over 24 years. The kids got to meet family they had never met before. We were able to experience beautiful sights and rich history in both Ireland and Scotland.

It’s opened up the possibility of doing more travel and learning how to successfully navigate that with my son’s autism.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that “someday” never happens.

The word “someday” can be used as an excuse to put something off, or it can be used to comfort ourselves.

Ultimately, however, it doesn’t deliver the real goods. It only gives us whisps and longing for the unfulfilled.

The great stuff comes when we act in the now and take the scary step.

Just a warning: when you get ready to take the scary step, you’ll be met with a lot of resistance and a lot of naysayers. There will be people that say “I could never do that.” Or people that will question “How are you able to do that?” Or even the voice within your head that will say “What are you doing?”

Push through. You know that deep down inside, that true voice is saying “Do it” because there is greatness on the other side.

I’m so grateful I took the scary step and did something I had been holding back on for a long time. The rewards were worth it.

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7 thoughts on ““Someday” Never Happens: Taking The Scary Step NOW

  1. A good life is what you did, not what you didn’t do for “sensible” reasons. You’ll never regret it kevin!

  2. Your article blessed me beyond what I could imagine the Word “someday ” could ever mean to me. Like you said, “the greatest is on the other side”. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and your amazing trip. The article inspired me to not think negatively about the things I’ve put off for and to work on my plan. To put it into “active action”. My “someday” has been really dusty on as shelf and I need to not let it sit any longer. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    • Thanks so much Tia. That truly means a lot. Go for it! Write down those plans you have for the future and talk to those people close in your life who will help you move forward with it. I’m so glad this article was helpful for you. God bless!

  3. Hi Kevin,
    First off I am so excited to come across your blog page. You are a gifted teacher that harbors my mind as I stop and listen to you speak and teach at various meetings. You really are amazing. I understand the “someday” . Since I was very young I wanted to go to Africa, and I would befriend missionaries on furlough and ask many questions of their experiences. I would read about it. My daughter got involved in the Invisible Children campaign and I helped her, but I think I over took her passion! oops! Then my “someday” happened when I got opportunity to go to Uganda with our church. My heart was there, but it was God that made that “someday” happen as the full support came in. I remember showing my passport at the first airport and could not believe this was happening….and then walking out of the last airport into Africa, into the mosquito infested air, late at night, with smoke and little fire pits everywhere as we traveled. It smelled so different as well. My “someday” came true, and I went 2 more times after that. I cant get enough. My next someday would be to live there – “someday” LOL!!