Helping creatives use their God-given talents

Helping creatives use their God-given talents


Hi, I’m Kevin Gregg

I help creatives answer the call to thrive with their God-given talents. In turn, they can share art that inspires others. I’ve followed this call in my own life.

I’ve been a creative professional for over 25 years as an actor, director, writer, and content creator. I’m a recipient of Ovation & L.A. Weekly theatre awards and I’m a member of The Disneyland Resort Entertainment Hall of Fame. I am most grateful for my gifts at home – a 24-year marriage, three sons, and the new opportunities that God has presented to our family.

Through courses (Creative Breakthrough Workshop, Actor’s Workout and Strengthening the Scene), e-books & pdf’s ( The Five Reasons You Need To Answer God’s Creative Call for Your Life and Guide to Getting Your Creative Work Done) plus this blog – we’re beginning a new creative movement. Be a part of the change and start your journey to use the talents God gave you.

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Classes and Coaching

Actor's Workout

1pm-3pm Saturdays: New Registration Soon

Learn or review the fundamentals of acting using drills that give you a better stage presence and increase your confidence.

Strengthening the Scene

10am-12noon Saturdays: New Registration Soon

This is the class designed to push you to the next level with your acting craft. Develop your strength as a performer.