Helping creatives use their God-given talents

Helping creatives use their God-given talents


Hey I’m Kevin Gregg

I’m a director, writer, content creator, actor, teacher and speaker who has been working professionally for 25 years.

Helping and encouraging creatives to use their God-given talents is my specialty.

I’ve appeared in several national commercial campaigns for Tide, Fidelity, Toyota and H&R Block.  I also work in creative development, performance workshops, and leadership, and have served with various organizations including The Walt Disney Company and Cedar Fair Parks. Learn more…

Classes and Coaching

Actor's Workout

1pm-3pm Saturdays Oct 20th- Nov 10th

Learn or review the fundamentals of acting using drills that give you a better stage presence and increase your confidence.

Strengthening the Scene

10am-12noon Saturdays Oct 20 – Nov 10

This is the class designed to push you to the next level with your acting craft. Develop your strength as a performer.